Velvet: An Excerpt from Chapter One

From Chapter One of the new novel, Velvet:

“I opened the gull wing door of my trusty old DeLorean, tossed myself into the driver seat and fired up the ignition.

Traffic was light and for that I was thankful. I drove the car like a seasoned jockey, rolling fast through the narrow streets and historic squares of Savannah. Propelled by some hard-driving rock and roll on the stereo, I was unstoppable.

Mark would have said it was irresponsible, my driving like this. I could hear him now, his Southern drawl spitting the words out at me like poisoned darts.

“Only fools drive fast and treat their cars like Formula 1 machines,” he would have said.

But why waste my time thinking of Mark? He’s my ex. I intended for him to stay in my rearview mirror for good.”

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