Velvet: An Excerpt from Chapter Three

From my new novel, Velvet, available for Kindle and in paperback at Amazon.

“On the corner of East State and Drayton I saw a small crowd gathered together before a woman dressed in black. She had a long, flowing cape hanging from her shoulders and a fake raven on her shoulder. I sniffed at the gimmick, until the bird turned to look at me. It screeched.

Nope. Not a fake bird.

“Velvet, where have you been?”

Jane yelled at me from the back of the pack. I strained to see her and Electra at the end of the line of tour attendees. They, too, were in all black. This was unusual for Jane. I’d never seen her in anything but bright colors.

I looked down at my wrist. The huge silver watch stared up at me, its glow-in-the-dark hands reading 9:20.

“I thought we were to meet at nine,” I said. I crossed the street to join up with my boss and her wife. “It’s 9:20.”

Jane looked at Electra who pulled her lace sleeve back to look at her own watch. “I don’t know if your battery is dying, but it’s 9:45.”

The three of us looked at our watches in unison. Yep. Mine was slow.

“Yeah. We almost gave up on you,” Jane said.

“Did I miss much yet?” I looked at the motley assortment of tourists and locals congregated at the corner.

“No.” Electra said. “We’ve only been here talking about the history of Savannah. Well, the tour guide is the one doing the talking.”

Electra pointed back at the raven-clad guide who led the group toward the center of Wright Square. Everyone in Savannah knew the history of this particular square and the infamous hanging of Alice Riley. Since we were part of the everyone-who-knew gang, we hung back from the crowd and took up residence on a bench near the Lutheran church.”

Photo credit – Wright Square, Savannah:

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