When The Rains Come…Rejoice!

Sometimes, a little rain must fall on everyone.

How do you respond to the rain? Hate it? Love it? Couldn’t care either way?

Sometimes I like to stand outside in the rain, allowing the water to fall right down upon my head. What an exhilarating experience. Other times, I like to sit inside and watch the rain fall from the comfort of my favorite chair.

Have you ever stopped to consider the rain? How it plays upon the leaves of trees? The way the leaves dance each time a drop of rain hits them?

There is a lot of beauty in the rainy days…if only we take time to watch and listen.

A storm blew up this evening as Mr. LaVeaux and I were sitting outside on the deck. The sky grew grey and the wind kicked up with a clap of thunder. The energy in the air felt intense. There is just something magical about a rainstorm.

Harness that energy and magic the next time you experience a rainstorm. It is an empowering experience.

Photo credit: paulickreport.com

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