Creative blocks

Sometimes, as a writer, I find myself in a state of flux. One day, the words may flow freely. The next day, I find myself dry as a desert…not one word to put down on paper toward my next two projects.

I feel so stifled on those days. My mind is parched and no amount of wishing can bring the flow I so desperately think I need.

Yes, I did say “think I need.”

Not sure how it is with you, but I tend to push myself on a daily basis. Maybe even a little too much at times. When I feel a creative block fall upon me, I do anything and everything within my power to push it away.

Most times those blocks weigh several tons, and after an hour of struggle I find myself exhausted and frustrated. I feel like a failure.

How do you handle creative blocks? If you are a writer, singer, artist, crafter…what do you do to push through those times of creative inactivity?

I think that maybe I just need to put things aside and rest a bit. But still…the clock keeps ticking. At my age, it feels like every second counts more than it did when I was younger.

Your thoughts?

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