Sleep, dreams…time travel?

Just before bed last night, I posted a piece about getting a good night’s sleep. You can see that post here.

While I did fall asleep easily last night, I found myself caught up in a time-warp dream experience that has left me completely off-kilter this morning.

Have you ever had a dream like that? A dream where it feels like you have dropped into a scene from long ago? A dream that feels so real when you wake up that you are absolutely positive you did some astral time travel?

Well, if so, then you know where I am this morning. Totally out of whack.

I got on YouTube this morning first thing, hoping to find some ambient music or something gentle to listen to while beginning a new work week. In my list of recommended videos sat this piece. As I listened to the beginning bits and watched the gorgeous time lapse images I realized this is just what I needed to get myself together.

Quotes by Alan Watts make this extra perfect.

If you need a Monday morning boost, check out the video. Have a great day. Together, we will get through this!



  1. Yep I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I think we have them affect us so much cause deep down we’re wanting us to make the correlation between dreaming when we go to sleep, and the life-dream-experience that we’re having now….That can feel real but one day, we’ll wake up from as well. I’m listening to the Alan Watts video now, beautiful music in the background too. I love Alan Watts, he propels me into a more awake and conscious state! Awesome blog – am following now 🙂 Sharon

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    1. Thank you so much for this amazing comment. I agree with you and really like that you understand the life-dream-experience … that we’ll wake up from that one day, too. NICE to meet another person who gets it. Thank you for the follow! I just followed you, too, and will check out your blog as well. Peace and happiness! 🙂


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