Month: June 2016

The First Book Signing, The First Review

While preparing for my first book signing at The Book Tavern in Augusta, Georgia, I sat down at my computer tonight and something told me to look at my book page on Amazon. What I found surprised me and thrilled me. Please allow me to share this review I just received on my novel, Velvet.

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Thank you, Mr. Bigham, for giving me my very first review. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the story enough to write this and post it for all the world to see.

I am seriously humbled.

Apparition: A Story in the Works

Now that Velvet is out in the world I’m ready to tackle my next project. Yes, this one will focus on the paranormal, too…with the obligatory bit of music included as well.

I never do this with any of my art or writing, but I thought I’d share a fragment of a story that I’m working on right now. It’s in the rough first draft stage, but I’m excited about it and feel that by releasing this tidbit the universe might inspire me to continue on with it to completion.

Without further ado, here is the opening to my new book project. Allow me to introduce to you the first lines of my new story, Apparition:

When I stepped inside, the smell of old tube amplifiers hit my nose with a meaty fist. The shop was dim but neat. Way in the back I saw the counter, and behind the counter stood Michael. (more…)

M31: Andromeda

Andromeda. Just the word alone evokes a sense of mystery and strangeness.

Imagine, the closest major spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way. What resides there? How many of those stars have habitable planets orbiting them, swirling in the spiral arms of our cosmic neighbor?

Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with this galaxy. At one point in my life, I gave strong consideration to changing my name to Andromeda.

Looking back, I’m kind of glad I didn’t do that.

While writing my novel, Velvet, I fell into that sacred space that writers sometimes find themselves in…that space where something outside (or is it inside) of themselves takes over and does the writing:

“I entered my private little space, shut the door and then turned on my computer. The Mac fired up in a matter of seconds and the screen glowed with an image of the Andromeda galaxy.” ~ Velvet Riverstone in the first chapter of my novel Velvet.

Even in my novel, Andromeda makes an appearance.

What is it that keeps me spellbound? (more…)

The Beauty of Rumi

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Life. It is good.

Yes, it is. Every day above ground is a good day. Thus, life IS good. Look for the good in each moment and you may be surprised at how much goodness exists in the world.

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The Magic of Thought

In the past I have shared ideas and insights about the power of thinking and how you can think yourself into a situation of your choosing.

Barring any outside influences that are a true hinder to your realizing a dream, everything that you need to succeed in any area of your life resides deep within yourself.

It all starts with a thought. (more…)

The Thrill and Joy of Making a Sale

It’s always so exciting when you check your Kindle Direct Publishing account to discover that someone has purchased a copy of your ebook. What a thrill! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the excitement, knowing that someone, somewhere, made the decision to purchase and read my writing.

I feel complete awe and am so humbled by this…there are no adequate words to express my gratitude.

Thank you to the few anonymous purchasers who have given me a chance to entertain them. I truly hope that each of you enjoy reading my book, Velvet.

Photo: cover of the paperback copy of Velvet by Echo LaVeaux

Meet Me This Friday at The Book Tavern!

Yes, this is it…MY FIRST BOOK SIGNING!

If you are in the Augusta, Georgia area this Friday, July 1 from 6-8pm, please stop by the Book Tavern at 936 Broad Street to say hello and pick up a signed copy of Velvet!

Hope to see you there!

Photo from The Book Tavern’s official event announcement.

Watching Good Things Unfold

Have you ever been at a point in your life where something truly wonderful happens to you, totally unexpected, and shortly thereafter things seem to start falling fast into place…moving you in a new and unexpected direction? (more…)

Velvet: An Excerpt From Chapter One

From the new novel Velvet:

“The stockroom’s fluorescent bulbs burned dim in varying shades of green, casting an eerie glow in the cavernous room. Shipping boxes full of new goodies sat on the desk next to my computer.

It was always fun to see what Electra ordered for the shop. It was extra fun to be the first one to handle the new merchandise.

A little box grabbed my attention. I reached for it and set it on the counter away from the others. It was a heavy little thing. I grabbed a box cutter and sliced the tape open with a hiss. In moments my hands were full of gemstones. There were loads of them. No wonder the little box weighed so much.

I pulled the crystals out and checked them against the manifest. We had run out of rose quartz hearts last week so Electra ordered several dozen. Here they were.

There were big pink hearts to be worn as a pendant, medium sized pink hearts to put in a pocket, and best of all there were the little pink hearts with tiny red velvet bags in which to carry them.

I put the box on a shelf next to a tray of tourmaline chunks.

There must be love in the air, I thought. Why the run on romance stones?

It was then I remembered that Halloween was one day away. Witchy people know Halloween as a powerful day for making magick, and witchy people are our best customers.”

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