Watching Good Things Unfold

Have you ever been at a point in your life where something truly wonderful happens to you, totally unexpected, and shortly thereafter things seem to start falling fast into place…moving you in a new and unexpected direction?

That’s where I find myself right now.

Without going into detail, I will say that watching everything rolling into my life over the past few weeks has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

I set some intentions at the time of our last full moon. Today, energy is swirling around me and carrying elements into my life that correspond to the intentions that I had set.

Setting an intention is a very powerful exercise. Watching your desires come into your life in an effortless manner is a very powerful confirmation that what you practice is proof of manifestation.

So, next time you set an intention toward a dream, keep your eyes wide open and your heart open to receive. It may start coming to you in very small pieces, the acquisition of the goal. But once you reach out for that first little snowflake, the proverbial ball starts rolling and turns that single flake into a snowball full of giddy goodness.

I’m ready to be hit by a fast-moving avalanche of blessings. Are you?

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  1. The same magic is happening to me though all the outward effects appear to be for my husband. I just this morning realized his new job means more time for exactly the intention I set, and that’s when I saw your post. Blessed be!

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