Month: July 2016

Too Much Anger

Lately, I have noticed that there is way too much anger in the world. It seems that people are fed up with everything right now. The sad part of this is how people are taking their anger out on others…especially those who have done nothing to warrant receiving it.

It’s a volatile time right now, politically and racially and any other -ally you can think of. Too much is going on that is causing people to erupt. Yes, the world is messed up. There is no doubt about it. The key right now is to not allow ourselves to get sucked into the madness.

I suggest we all take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Consider the world. Consider the situations we find ourselves in. At the core, all of us are trying to survive and move forward in this life.

Let’s try to remember this. Also, let’s try to spread a little love. One kind word or deed can go a long way toward making a positive difference in another’s life.

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LibraryThing…I’m there. Are you?

Well, that was a surprise. I was just notified via email that I’ve been accepted as a LibraryThing Author!

If you use LibraryThing, please come and visit me here.

My profile page is sparse, but I promise to follow you if you choose to follow me.

Happy reading!

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Into the light

This is so beautiful. I relate. Can you?

Peace, Love and Patchouli

I watch my thoughts lose track on their way to something I needed to remember. A dream I had so sweet and serene, where I was in a place filled with beauty and I felt the soothing light wash over me like a sweet symphony. There was silence in this space and I felt as if I were floating, moving like a balloon through the sky while watching with wonder the emptiness below me, no human souls, just greenery and flowers as far as the eye could see. Blue ocean met like a border where the green left off and the sky was endless. This place was simply beautiful. I walked along and then stopped in my tracks. No particular reason, I just stopped because as suddenly as it was lost, it was found. I looked beside me through the palms along the path, seeing the soothing light that finally…

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If Velvet were made into a film…

…this would be the song closing out the final scene and carrying on through the credits. I can’t tell you how many times I listened to this song while writing that last chapter. I cried and cried.

Here is a link to the song: The Air That I Breathe – The Hollies

If you’ve read the book, think back on that last chapter and let me know if you can see where this song fits.

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Relevant for today…and every day.

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Another Velvet Giveaway!

Enter to win a FREE signed copy of Velvet in paperback! This Goodreads contest runs from July 12 through August 12, so enter today. I hope you win!

And while you’re at it, go to my book page at Amazon and download a FREE copy of Velvet for your Kindle or other device! This freebie will run through Friday, July 15.

To everyone who has downloaded the book, I thank you for giving me a chance with my writing. It’s my wish that you enjoy reading Velvet.

I love giving presents away…I hope you love receiving gifts.

Happy reading!

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Velvet: a fourth review on Amazon

What an amazing feeling, to know that the words you write and the tales you spin can make so many people happy.

Please see the latest review for Velvet:

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.47.57 PM.png

My readers mean so much to me. Thank you so very much Ms. Monaghan for taking time out of your days to read and review my book. I’m humbled and grateful for your kindness!

Velvet: Another Review on Amazon

My heart is full of gratitude. When checking my Author Page on Amazon, I discovered this brand new review. 5 Stars. I don’t take these for granted. It means the world to me that Mr. Campbell chose to purchase and read Velvet. It means the world to me that he liked it enough to give such a wonderful review. Thank you, Mr. Campbell. I’m grateful.

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A Stormy Mind

Try as I may to stay focused and upbeat, there are some days where my mind is a swirling tempest of emotion. Most days are OK. I’m happy, content, have no worries or concerns.

But there are days like today when I feel that I could collapse into a puddle. (more…)