Why Write? My Thoughts on Putting Pen to Paper

Every once in awhile, I stop and ask myself this question: “Why do I write?”

It’s a question I think some writers ask themselves, especially on the days where words don’t seem to be flowing as well as they should.

Why do I write?

There is a deep sense of connection to the world inside my head when I sit down to write. The scenes of dreams, memories and imagination fill me with wondrous images and tantalizing tales. The only way to release them and enjoy them for myself is to write them down, whether on paper or on the computer.

Writing engages every aspect of my being. From creating a story, finding the correct words to use, using the correct grammar and punctuation, putting it down in a logical and coherent manner…all aspects of writing connect the brain to the emotions and result in a powerful form of self-expression.

It’s like medicine, but good and happy medicine.

Why do you write? Have you ever considered the reasons you sit down and put thoughts together in the written word?

If you want to write but haven’t started yet, what’s keeping you from beginning?

Think about the question “Why write?” and come up with your own responses.

Then, after you discover the answers buried deep inside, do the one thing necessary to make your visions, dreams and imaginings come to life.


Photo credit: theodysseyonline.com


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