A Stormy Mind

Try as I may to stay focused and upbeat, there are some days where my mind is a swirling tempest of emotion. Most days are OK. I’m happy, content, have no worries or concerns.

But there are days like today when I feel that I could collapse into a puddle.

This image popped up in my FB feed just a few minutes ago from a story in the Washington Post. This photo is the perfect example of where I find myself at the moment.

Strangely beautiful yet chaotic and destructive, thunderstorms do two temporary but important things…two things which I feel are important for all of us to recognize in the balance of life.

One, they provide the Earth with necessary nourishment in the form of rainwater.

Two, they clear the air from pollutants and airborne particles.

If you have a stormy mind and feel the need to cry, remember the thunderstorm. Loud and wet while it’s occurring, the resulting quiet cleanse is good for the soul.

Photo credit: washingtonpost.com

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