Gathering My Thoughts

Now that Velvet is out in the world and I have had my first book signing, my thoughts turn toward the next project on my list of things I need to write.

If you are a writer, do you have one of those lists?

Mine feels like a mile long idea trail of luscious little scenes and imaginings, all waiting to be put together into a new novel or novella. All of them are clamoring for my attention.

The trouble I have is choosing which project to give my attention to, and for how long?

I have the tendency to jump from one idea to another. I’m what some call a “scanner,” someone who possesses the personality of a multipotentialite. Haven’t heard of that term before? Go check out Emilie Wapnick’s amazing website for more details.

Currently, I am focusing on a little book that I’m writing about the Moon and our relationship to it. It’s a nonfiction work but something I feel led to produce. As I work on it, writing the poetry and composing the meditations, scenes for my next novel keep popping into my head.

“Write me down before you lose me!”

So, I do.

Writing is a passion, but one that can keep me tied up in knots over which sentence to form, what scene to cobble together, what notes I need to jot down. In the end, the finished product is worth the cost of time and energy.

That said, what am I complaining about? Time to write.

Photo credit: (artwork installation: “Threads” by Susan Lenz)


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