Into the light

This is so beautiful. I relate. Can you?

Peace, Love and Patchouli

I watch my thoughts lose track on their way to something I needed to remember. A dream I had so sweet and serene, where I was in a place filled with beauty and I felt the soothing light wash over me like a sweet symphony. There was silence in this space and I felt as if I were floating, moving like a balloon through the sky while watching with wonder the emptiness below me, no human souls, just greenery and flowers as far as the eye could see. Blue ocean met like a border where the green left off and the sky was endless. This place was simply beautiful. I walked along and then stopped in my tracks. No particular reason, I just stopped because as suddenly as it was lost, it was found. I looked beside me through the palms along the path, seeing the soothing light that finally…

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