Black Moon Rising

Dateline – Friday, September 30, 2016: Black Moon Rising 

We are about to experience a very rare lunar phenomenon…a Black Moon. Simply stated, the Black Moon is a second New Moon in a calendar month. Just like the Blue Moon, a second Full Moon in a month, the Black Moon comes to us as an extra day of oomph.

Everyone has their own interpretation of the Moon phases and how to use them in their personal lives. As this is the first Black Moon we’ve had in awhile, I am choosing to use the energy of this Moon in a special way.

On Friday evening, after the Sun has set, I plan to go outside and sit under the dark sky. My goal for the Black Moon is to set some intentions and use the power of the second September New Moon to help manifest the dreams I would like to see come to pass.

My intention setting rituals are very basic. Some tools I plan to use in my meditation are as follows:

  • A black chime candle anointed with patchouli oil (black candles are not evil)
  • A black stone (onyx, obsidian, tektite, jet, or any other black stone is appropriate)
  • A stick of Indian incense (Song of India brand in the scent India Temple)

When I do my intention setting, I set up a working space and get comfortable. I place my tools before me, take three deep breaths to ground myself, then light the candle and incense.

As the flame licks the wick and settles into a slow burn, I look into the blue base of the candlelight while envisioning the things I hope to achieve and manifest in the next Moon cycle. The incense helps to evoke a mood, and the stone reflects the candlelight, drinking in the energy of my intention setting power.

While watching the flame, I visualize the outcome I desire. Then, I FEEEEEEL the feeling of achieving it. This has been a very powerful element in my intention setting over the years. If you can not only see but FEEEEL yourself acquiring the manifestation you desire, you are more than likely going to make it happen.

This activity is likened to prayer. We all have things we wish to see happen in our lives. When we dig deep into our souls and visualize outcomes, we find ourselves in soulful prayer.

Sometimes I do not have the time to sit and watch the candle burn itself out completely. Sometimes I do. But most times, the first few minutes of intense concentration is all that’s needed to do the work.

When the candle has extinguished itself, I collect the tools and take them inside. The stone resides on my bedside table for the duration of the Moon cycle. Each time I look at it or hold it, I am reminded of my intentions.

The tools act as reminders and thus are important to use when we set our intentions. Sometimes we need to be reminded. At least I know I do.

How do you plan to observe and use the Black Moon?

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