That Time When a Rock Star Inspired the Creation of a Character

It was one of those moments I will never forget.

Mr. LaVeaux and I were watching Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” for the first time in December of 2012.

Holy crap, this band.


I’d grown up listening to this music but I’d never really seen the band perform before…not until we put the “Celebration Day” DVD on to play.

At this point in time, I’d been working on my first novel and needed a love interest for the book’s protagonist.

Cue Jimmy Page.

What better choice than an elegant, older man with style and English swagger to woo my heroine on the haunted, historic streets of Savannah, Georgia?

Thank you, Jimmy Page. You inspired the character Nigel Blackmore in my novel, Velvet, and all these years later I still think you are amazing.

The point of this short post? Never overlook anything in life. Most anything can be an inspiration for you. Whether you are a writer, artist, poet, chef, sculptor, dancer, musician…keep your eyes and ears open.

You just never know.

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Music for a Dark Moon

If you enjoy meditating with ambient music, here is a YouTube channel and music label that specializes in dark ambient.

Cryo Chamber offers the perfect soundtrack for a Black Moon.

Check it out for deep inner reflection.

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Sleep, dreams…time travel?

Just before bed last night, I posted a piece about getting a good night’s sleep. You can see that post here.

While I did fall asleep easily last night, I found myself caught up in a time-warp dream experience that has left me completely off-kilter this morning.

Have you ever had a dream like that? A dream where it feels like you have dropped into a scene from long ago? A dream that feels so real when you wake up that you are absolutely positive you did some astral time travel?

Well, if so, then you know where I am this morning. Totally out of whack.

I got on YouTube this morning first thing, hoping to find some ambient music or something gentle to listen to while beginning a new work week. In my list of recommended videos sat this piece. As I listened to the beginning bits and watched the gorgeous time lapse images I realized this is just what I needed to get myself together.

Quotes by Alan Watts make this extra perfect.

If you need a Monday morning boost, check out the video. Have a great day. Together, we will get through this!


New music from The Monkees

Okay, now for something completely different!

I have a secret (well, now it’s not so secret) obsession…a lifetime love of The Monkees. Yes, it’s true. Since discovering them in reruns as a 10 year old way back in the 70’s, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for America’s answer to the Fab Four.

Imagine the joy I feel sharing this, the first single off the new album “Good Times.” This song was written by Rivers Cuomo of the band Weezer. I think he captured the energy of the band from back in the day. If this one track is any indication of what’s to come with the release of the record, I think my summer will be full of “Good Times” indeed.

Thanks Michael, Micky and Peter for bringing a lot of joy to the world on this your 50th anniversary. ❤


Faun – Andro

Wow, what a powerful song to get the day going. Let the rhythm of the drums ground you and the passion of the pipes send your spirit soaring.

The Earth is Our Mother – Libana

A beautiful chant to learn and sing…today and every day.

Lose yourself in ambience

Steve Roach is one of the world’s premier ambient music artists. His sound worlds are perfect companions for those with a creative bent.

Whether you are a reader, writer, artist, or dreamer, these sound forms are buoyant and carry you deep into your creative space.

If you like cosmic sounds and are looking for music to complement your creativity, try this on for size.

Rudy Simone – Drac’s Castle

Such a great song for a moody day.

Yoko Ono – It’s Time for Action!

Stay alive!

Rudy Simone – I Saved Your Space

I just stumbled upon this artist and felt the need to share her talent here on my blog. If you like what you hear, visit her website.

It’s not often that I’m blown away by an artist. Since I’ve discovered Rudy, I can honestly say that my mind and spirit are totally blown.