Third Quarter Moon, A Poem

Half Moon at midnight, a sentinel shines

In deepest night, watching those who sleep

Enchanting dreamers with beams of light

Sprinkled like dew upon slumbering eyes

And filling dreams with magical things


(From “Echo LaVeaux’s Book of the Moon,” available here at Amazon.)

Photo Credit: Skyscrapers, Inc.


New Moon, A Poem

Sister Moon, your infant light

Shimmers on the horizon

You are newly born, a waif

Catching wishes and dreams, filling

Hearts with hope, hearts with love

Opening your arms to the universe

Sending our desires into the Cosmos

Working magic on our behalf

(As published in Echo LaVeaux’s Book of the Moon, available now at Amazon.)

Photo credit: The Cosmic Path

The Moon and Me

Sitting on a razor’s edge, she fills the night sky

With her gentle light, soft rays of moonbeams

Touching my skin, lulling me to slumber.

The sea beneath reflects her image

Rippling light upon waves of salt.

Watching, waiting, she rises high

And peeks into my window,

Her breath an icy kiss on my fevered cheek.

Photo credit: myfortlauderdalebeach.com

Primordial Night

Nyx walks the night-time sky

Cloaked in black, nocturnal

Bejeweled with diamond stars

She moves silent in darkened mist

Enshrouding the earth

In primordial night

© 2016 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: legionofpagans.com

Dear women around the world, please watch this

I just stumbled upon this and am in tears. Powerful, powerful, powerful.

Dear women of the world, you are worthy.


Diving deep – a poem

Swimming in the sea of space
In the stars I find my place

Clouds of stardust carry me
Further out into the sea

Diving deep I reach the place
Of the very deepest space

And as I glimpse the edge of time
The only face I see is mine

The frigid days of winter – a poem

Winds blowing, ferocious
Plow their way into
The frigid days of winter

The trees bend, give way
To rushing snows
Painting themselves in layers

Blue and white, cold and pure
The crystals on an artist’s brush
Create a morning snowscape

I dream of the sea – a poem

At night I close my eyes and see
A great white wave crash over me
With moonlight shining overhead
In astral dance I leave my bed

The ocean opens arms so wide
I enter her at lowest tide
She holds me with her wet embrace
And sea foam kisses on my face

She pulls me out toward the moon
Who rises slow in dusky gloom
To shine upon my spirit bare
And claim her place up in the air

The moon is high up in the sky
I look at her and wonder why
The ocean dances to her pull
And all at once my heart is full

I drift again through time and space
And find myself back at the place
Where dreaming here I took my flight
To see my siblings in the night

I open eyes and see the light
The moon looks in my window bright
And sleepy though I may well be
I know I saw her wink at me

I lie awake under the moon – a poem

I lie awake under the moon
She rises high above me
In sleepless night I watch her move
Her shining face adoring

I lie awake and cannot sleep
For fear and endless worry
She pulls away the blackness deep
And gives her courage to me

Sometime within the midnight hour
She coaxes sleep to find me
And in the twilight of my rest
I’m pulled within her love beam

Adrift in dreamland, by moonlight
I sail on inky sea-ways
The moon, she guides me by her light
The mermaids there to greet me

And when I reach the yonder shore
The sun, it gently kisses
And wakes me from that other place
Of magic, dreams and wishes

Photo credit: 2015 Echo LaVeaux

Look ahead!

as we near the end of the year

let us look not behind us

instead let us see what paths may be

and take the one that most inspires us

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: foodnavigator.com