A touch of cosmic consciousness

Imagine being given a glimpse into a reality that is nameless, formless, and difficult to describe. A reality beyond the concept of time, a place of silent awareness. (more…)

Diving deep – a poem

Swimming in the sea of space
In the stars I find my place

Clouds of stardust carry me
Further out into the sea

Diving deep I reach the place
Of the very deepest space

And as I glimpse the edge of time
The only face I see is mine

We all need a little reminder.

From time to time, we should stop what we’re doing and realize this.

Each of us is imbued with beauty, strength and intelligence.

One person’s abilities complement another’s, and on and on it goes.

Our traits help to weave the vibrant blanket of humankind across the globe.

Embrace your traits, all of them.

There will never be another YOU.

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Understand what and who you are

Photo found on Facebook

We are magic.

I found the above photo on a friend’s Facebook page and just had to share it. There is so much truth to this that it hurts to read it, but we all should take a moment and do just that.

When we come into the world as fresh little humans we have eyes that can see, ears that can hear, and hearts that can feel. We are in tune and in touch. The world allows us to be ourselves until it’s mandated that we enroll in and attend school. (more…)

chasm – a poem

the void opens and swallows

tearing apart dreams and visions

devouring the just

and the not so

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

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Trust Yourself

From the beginning, we have been taught that we were somehow lower than the powers that surround us.

We have been told that we are nothing unless we believe in one religion or another, unless we try to live our lives by someone else’s standards.   (more…)

If you think for yourself…

If you think for yourself, do you realize how powerful you are?

How dangerous you are?

How strong you are? (more…)

Come alive, be alive, stay alive

Wise words here. Heed them and live well.

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A spontaneous glimpse into the void

It happened so suddenly and so unexpectedly that it took me nearly six years to comprehend what happened.

All I was doing was lying down on the sofa, reading a book about Mozart, listening to music composed by Mozart, and BOOM, it happened.

I got a brief glimpse into the void. (more…)