When The Rains Come…Rejoice!

Sometimes, a little rain must fall on everyone.

How do you respond to the rain? Hate it? Love it? Couldn’t care either way? (more…)

Beauty and style…through the eyes of one approaching the big 5-0

The first month of 2015 is nearly gone, and in this first month of a new year I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things.

I’m not one of those who set resolutions each year, but rather I am one of those who do sit back and think about my life and where it’s heading.

As I age, I find that the things that once mattered to me are no longer on my radar. Sometimes, those things that mattered still do…but they morph into a different type of “things that matter.”

Take beauty and style, for example. (more…)

As if it couldn’t be more beautiful…

Yesterday, I posted a newer image of the famous Eagle Nebula.

Today, I present a near-infrared image of the same outer space object.

Isn’t it interesting how different light produces different images?

I think I’ll sit here for awhile and lose myself in this photo…

Photo credit: NASA

We all need a little reminder.

From time to time, we should stop what we’re doing and realize this.

Each of us is imbued with beauty, strength and intelligence.

One person’s abilities complement another’s, and on and on it goes.

Our traits help to weave the vibrant blanket of humankind across the globe.

Embrace your traits, all of them.

There will never be another YOU.

Photo found on Tumblr.

It’s your choice. Which do you need?

Allow yourself to accept that which you need.

The universe will provide.

Be open to receive.

Photo credit:

There is so much truth in this

Photo as seen on

No matter what anyone may think, the beauty inside truly does count

Photo credit:

Everyone is beautiful

Look deep inside and pull the beauty out of your deepest being.

Live by simple principles: love, respect, kindness, joy.

True beauty is limitless and everlasting.

Find the beauty that is within you.

Share your beauty with the world.

Be who you truly are and fear nothing.

Love in everything you see, touch and do.  This is true beauty.


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Beauty and aging: facing reality when reality bites (and sometimes, it does)

Off on the horizon, just a year and a handful of months away, stands a milestone year for yours truly.  Try though I may, I can never reconcile my age with the way I feel and how I look at the world.  There is just no way in heaven that I’m going to be turning 50 soon.  No way.

However, when I look at the mirror and see a new wrinkle or a new section of hair that’s decided to go gray, the mirror reminds me that I am indeed pushing the big 5-0.  I may feel like I’m 23 years old, but these in-my-face reminders that I’m not 23 get me a little discouraged.

Truth really does hurt sometimes. (more…)

Oh Robert Plant, you had to go and make me smile!

The sheer beauty of THIS!  Oh how I needed a touch of whimsy today.

If you feel blue and need a boost, let Mr. Plant work his magic all over you with this song & video.

Listen, watch, and come alive.  ❤