blood moon

And as the moon begins to wane…

I tend to be one of those people who base my life around the phases of the moon.

Over the years I’ve attuned myself to the moon’s energy and have learned to work with it in my life. Now that the full blood moon’s energy is dissipating, I anticipate a major energy clearing in my life as the moon begins to wane.

There is something quite powerful about allowing the moon to guide you in your life. Though subtle, the moon has the power to help you create what you want as well as remove those things that no longer serve you. (more…)

Sleep still eludes me

Oh, the life of a writer…the life of any type of creative person, actually.

When I began this blogging journey nearly a month ago, I had just finished the second draft of a book I’d been writing for a year and a half.  I felt the need to let it sit and pursue a different type of creative expression.  Hence this blog.

Now that I’ve begun my erotica-writing experiment, other ideas for writing projects have been popping into my consciousness.   (more…)

A fiery moon

Tomorrow is officially the full moon, but today is the day I have decided to use the nearly-full moon energy and light a red candle, casting my moon intentions out into the universe.

As Tuesday is sacred to Mars, and Mars is the planet associated with Aries, (more…)

Creeping toward an October blood moon

Here it is, the Monday before a Wednesday full moon.  There has been a lot of positive, electric energy swirling around me the past few days.  I can tell that the moon is nearly full just by the way I feel.  Just by the expansive feelings that fill (more…)