Carl Sagan

Something to consider…

…from an astrophysicist, no doubt.

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We Are All Connected

Our Pale Blue Dot

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Carl Sagan’s Solar Powered Spacecraft

What a fitting honor to a hero of science.

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It’s truly amazing…isn’t it?

Another gem from the late Dr. Carl Sagan.

He was in touch with his beloved cosmos. Deeply in touch.

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Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

This morning a fellow blogger commented on my post entitled “Reality” and shared a post about this very thing. Since reading the post I find myself consumed by the “Pale Blue Dot.”

The image of our planet from such a distance is truly mind-boggling.

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After you read the post, take a few moments and listen to this.  Here is the late Dr. Carl Sagan talking about the “Pale Blue Dot,” our beautiful yet tiny and fragile Planet Earth.

Listen…and love. Always.

The written word is magic

Read what Dr. Sagan wrote about books.

He’s right.

Reading anything puts you in the mind of the writer.

Look at your books and think of the ones that you enjoyed the most in life.

That writer crafted his/her work just for you.

What a gift.

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Carl Sagan knew…he just knew

“Our ancestors worshipped the Sun, and they were not that foolish.  It makes sense to revere the Sun and the stars, for we are their children.” ~ Carl Sagan