dark of the moon

“Stem” by Fügügüffü – Music for a Dark Moon

Not too long ago while listening to Georgia Tech’s radio station, WREK.org, I heard this band from my native Atlanta. Captivated by the dark sounds flowing through my computer speakers, I looked up the band online and found their Bandcamp website.

In preparation for the dark moon, I am listening to their album “Stem” and allowing the primordial sounds to lull me into a blissful, deep state of relaxation.

If you enjoy this type of thing, go here and listen: http://fuguguffu.bandcamp.com

While you are there, check out the tracks “Void Planet” and “Menacing Earthworks.”

I’m tuning into this deep frequency and chilling out as I gaze into the void…

Photo credit: wallpaperswide.com

Welcoming the Time of the Dark Moon

When I woke up this morning, it was a whopping 18F outside my window. Brrr.

This cold weather made me think about the dark moon that is approaching us. (more…)