Four of Cups, Four of Disks

I had a dream last night, a strange dream, a dream where I traveled to an exotic, South American land and encountered an open-air bazaar.

There, in the back, stood a table covered in red cloth. On the table were four clay cups, and four small, clay disks. The seller of these wares sat with his head resting on his crossed arms. He appeared to be crying.

When I woke up this morning, the only thing I could remember were the cups and disks, and the sad young man who was trying to sell them.

These few items were all he had to offer.

I have no knowledge of the tarot, so I don’t know what the meaning – if any – could be. This dream has haunted me all day.

There must be a message in there, somewhere.

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Beatnik wisdom from Jack Kerouac

We are ONE…a HOLY one.


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A new book I must get, and soon…

The legendary guitarist Jimmy Page modeling his new autobiography.

Must get the book.

Must meet the man behind the book.

a dream of death: a personal issue

I woke up this morning from a very realistic, very disturbing dream.  I dreamt that I was at a conference with coworkers somewhere in the north Georgia mountains.  In my dream, I was told that my brother had been found dead.  He had killed himself.  His body was up on a steep hillside, sitting on a bench where he’d shot himself in the head.  I remember trying to climb that mountain but was unable to reach the top before my parents arrived by car.  They drove up on a road that ran behind that bench.  It was like some sort of overlook on that mountainside. (more…)