When dreams become book ideas…

A couple of years ago, after the death of Chris Squire (bassist for the prog rock band Yes), I had a crazy and psychedelic dream about him that has haunted me to this day.

A couple of days ago, strange as this seems, I sort of “felt” him all around me.

Keep in mind that I never met Squire in person. I only grew to know about Yes after I met Mr. LaVeaux in 2003.

My knowledge of the band is quite young.

Anyway, today while I was working it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to sit down and write a story based on that dream.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

Stay tuned. If you like fantastical realism, I think you might like the book idea. This next project will be a short novella, and I hope to have it out by early 2018.

Keep dreaming, my friends…and while you’re dreaming, be sure write down any dreams that stand out upon your awakening.

They may prove to be fuel for your waking imagination.

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Sleep, dreams…time travel?

Just before bed last night, I posted a piece about getting a good night’s sleep. You can see that post here.

While I did fall asleep easily last night, I found myself caught up in a time-warp dream experience that has left me completely off-kilter this morning.

Have you ever had a dream like that? A dream where it feels like you have dropped into a scene from long ago? A dream that feels so real when you wake up that you are absolutely positive you did some astral time travel?

Well, if so, then you know where I am this morning. Totally out of whack.

I got on YouTube this morning first thing, hoping to find some ambient music or something gentle to listen to while beginning a new work week. In my list of recommended videos sat this piece. As I listened to the beginning bits and watched the gorgeous time lapse images I realized this is just what I needed to get myself together.

Quotes by Alan Watts make this extra perfect.

If you need a Monday morning boost, check out the video. Have a great day. Together, we will get through this!


Yes, I did. I traded sugar for sleep.

It’s been a heck of a journey, but over the past ten months I have shed over fifty pounds of excess weight. The biggest change of all? I gave up sugar. All sugar. Anything that the body processes into sugar found its way to the garbage can.

No more simple sugar carbohydrates for this chica.

Without getting into the details or covering the eating plan I undertook, I’d rather talk about one of the biggest benefits I’ve discovered since losing the weight.

The beauty of sleep. (more…)

Mugwort tincture: my first experience

Last year, I made three tinctures using a single herb in each. I made lavender, mugwort and echinacea. The echinacea was specifically for Mr. LaVeaux. He has quite a time fighting colds in the winter months.

Over the winter, he used up the entire bottle I’d made and, not surprisingly, he stayed well the whole season.

I had forgotten about the other two tinctures until this past weekend when I found them up in a kitchen cabinet. I took down the mugwort and decided to give it a try. (more…)

Wise words from The Dreamer

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Remember to unfold your wings

Spread your arms out wide and soar on a gentle wind.

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I dream of the sea – a poem

At night I close my eyes and see
A great white wave crash over me
With moonlight shining overhead
In astral dance I leave my bed

The ocean opens arms so wide
I enter her at lowest tide
She holds me with her wet embrace
And sea foam kisses on my face

She pulls me out toward the moon
Who rises slow in dusky gloom
To shine upon my spirit bare
And claim her place up in the air

The moon is high up in the sky
I look at her and wonder why
The ocean dances to her pull
And all at once my heart is full

I drift again through time and space
And find myself back at the place
Where dreaming here I took my flight
To see my siblings in the night

I open eyes and see the light
The moon looks in my window bright
And sleepy though I may well be
I know I saw her wink at me

I lie awake under the moon – a poem

I lie awake under the moon
She rises high above me
In sleepless night I watch her move
Her shining face adoring

I lie awake and cannot sleep
For fear and endless worry
She pulls away the blackness deep
And gives her courage to me

Sometime within the midnight hour
She coaxes sleep to find me
And in the twilight of my rest
I’m pulled within her love beam

Adrift in dreamland, by moonlight
I sail on inky sea-ways
The moon, she guides me by her light
The mermaids there to greet me

And when I reach the yonder shore
The sun, it gently kisses
And wakes me from that other place
Of magic, dreams and wishes

Photo credit: 2015 Echo LaVeaux

Awaken Your Gratitude

These words by Dr. John Demartini are powerful words. It only takes a moment of gratitude to set your path straight. Give thanks for everything in your life and chart your course toward making your life even better than it already is.

Dream big and be thankful.

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I dreamt that I watched a man die at my feet

Death dreams.  Some have them on a regular basis.  Others don’t.

I’m one of the not-so-lucky frequent dreamers of death.

These dreams come upon me unsuspectingly, tempting me into a vivid story which always ends in the death of a human being. Take last night’s dream journey for example. (more…)