A new cold weather tradition

As I’ve gotten older, my body is getting used to the hot, humid days of summer in the South.

It hasn’t always been this way. (more…)

On This the Eve of Halloween

This year, Mr. LaVeaux and I will be having a very low key Halloween. At sunset on Halloween, we’ll be cutting a pumpkin and making our first jack-o-lantern in many years, burning a candle and breathing prayers under the night sky, drinking beer and thinking about those who have gone on before us.

The changing season, oncoming cold weather, falling leaves…all of autumn makes me reflect upon the reality of death and our human mortality. And not in a negative, fearful way, either. Watching the Earth as she rolls toward slumber puts me in touch with what is real. It kind of makes the thought of death feel less scary. After all, it is just the final turn of the wheel of time, a wheel we were born to ride to the end.

Halloween, that season where the veil is thinnest, hearkens us to look within ourselves at the core of what makes us human. What makes us Earthlings. As from the Earth we sprung forth, and to the Earth we shall return.

And at the heart of this realization is a beauty so sublime, it can make a soul weep with joy.

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The new book is finished and will soon be published!

Earlier today I completed the second draft of Echo LaVeaux’s Book of the Moon. The book is due a third reread and edit. My hope is that it will be up on Kindle by the end of the week and no later than Halloween day.

The book is slim but filled with poetry, reflections, meditations, and ideas for intention setting during each phase of the Moon. It was created as a way to share my impressions of the Moon during the course of her lifecycle. My hope is that it touches you and inspires you to grow closer to our cosmic sister.

Velvet is still available for FREE on KindleUnlimited. Please grab a copy and – if you have already read the book – please leave your impressions on it by writing a review. If you do, I would be most grateful.

Thank you for supporting me in my writing endeavors.

Peace and all good things from my heart to yours.

Satellites in the sky

Have you ever been outdoors as twilight fades into darkness? If so, have you ever looked up at the heavens to see the stars and planets pop into view? Beautiful visual, isn’t it?

Now, have you ever taken time to sit and watch for satellites as they pass by overhead? No? Well, let me tell you a little about this hobby of ours.  (more…)

Our Pale Blue Dot

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The Earth is Our Mother – Libana

A beautiful chant to learn and sing…today and every day.

Happy Winter Solstice 2014

May peace prevail this Solstice-time.

May hearts be warmed by the hearth fires, glowing bright in the darkest night.

May love flow. May happiness grow.

As the earth rolls into the winter season, dressing herself in blankets of snow, all is calm.

All is still.

The yule log burns away the cares of this year that’s ending, purifying the home for the year that is to come.

May you find joy at the turning of the earth’s wheel, and may you attract to yourself the things you desire in 2015.

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The Cold St. Nicholas Full Moon – December 2014

The holiday season is here in full force, and Saturday, December 6 is St. Nicholas Day. What a wonderful day to have a full moon!  (more…)

Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

This morning a fellow blogger commented on my post entitled “Reality” and shared a post about this very thing. Since reading the post I find myself consumed by the “Pale Blue Dot.”

The image of our planet from such a distance is truly mind-boggling.

Check out the post here:

After you read the post, take a few moments and listen to this.  Here is the late Dr. Carl Sagan talking about the “Pale Blue Dot,” our beautiful yet tiny and fragile Planet Earth.

Listen…and love. Always.

The other side of the moon

The Chang’e spacecraft from China recently captured this image. Look and absorb what you are seeing. Yes, this is the other side of the moon, and yes that is our planet earth.

Stand in awe of your beautiful, little home planet.

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