Echo LaVeaux

Thank you.

The image above shows just how far of a reach this blog has journeyed. At least one person in each of the yellow and red nations has visited me here online.

This never ceases to humble me.

I can’t thank you enough, each of you, for taking time to read one or more of my blog posts. You are the reason I do this. Thank you again.


When You Blog, You Touch the World


Today I wandered around my blog and checked the stats page. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what countries were represented by my readership since I launched this blog several years ago.

I was taken aback when I discovered the above image.

This is a visual representation of the scope of my reach.

It took me a moment to wrap my head around the fact that at least one person in each of the shaded nations has read at least one of my blog posts over the years.

That’s a whole lot of countries represented. A whole lot of diverse readers who took the time to check out my blog.

Talk about humbling.

Thank you to everyone who has stumbled upon this little place on the web. It is my hope that you enjoy what you find and are able to take something away from here to benefit your lives.

You have benefited me by being here, and I thank you for that.

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Echo LaVeaux at Kindle

Hello friends and fellow readers! Check out my author page where you can find my novel “Velvet” as well as my little “Book of the Moon.” Pick up a book or two while you’re at it.

KindleUnlimited customers will find both books are available online for FREE!

Autographed copies of the paperback versions are available as well. Contact me at for more information.

Thank you for your support!

Coming Soon…

Though I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing, I am now nearly finished with the first draft of my next work: Echo LaVeaux’s Book of the Moon.

A small volume, this will be a spiritually-oriented book about the moon and our relationship with it. It will take the reader through each of the lunar phases and offer poetry, reflections and meditations created to assist the reader in learning to work with the moon at any time of the lunar cycle.

I look forward to bringing this work out into the world, and I hope that you will find it beneficial in your personal spiritual journey.

Keep an eye on this page for updates. And as always, thank you for your support.

Velvet: The Echoing X

Please enjoy a short snippet from my new novel, Velvet:

“Where are we going?”

“Oh, just a little further I think,” Nigel said. “There’s something I want to show you.”

We came upon a circle within a square, bordered by four curved planter boxes filled with foliage. In the middle of the circle was another square, and in the middle of that square was an X.

This place was magical. The energy inside the circle was intense.

Nigel walked to the square and stood upon it, facing the river. I walked toward him. He reached out and settled me in front of him.

We stood toe to toe, taking up the space within that square, two peas in a pod atop a giant X.

Nigel cleared his throat, and when he did I heard the sound amplified in a short echo, his throat being cleared twice in succession. I looked all around and back up at him. 

Photo taken by Echo LaVeaux at the Echoing X on River Street in Savannah, Georgia.

500 followers! Thank you all!

When I started this blog in September of 2014, I intended this webpage to be a place where I could share ideas, stories, and impressions with the world at large. Just a tiny place where I could express myself. When the first person chose to follow me, it was the most amazing feeling.

There is one person on this big, big world who likes what I am doing.

That one person made me feel that I had something to say that others would like to hear.

This weekend, I was surprised to discover that there are now over 500 of you wonderful people following my blog.  I am honored and quite humbled. Thank you so much for coming along with me on my journey.

Let’s see where life leads us next. So very glad that you are here.

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For those who prefer a printed copy…

Ask any indie writer and you will get the same response.

Self-publishing is a lot of hard work.

First, you write the book. Then, you edit it. Finally, you polish it up and get it ready for publication. (more…)

My first novel is live on Amazon

It happened overnight.

My first novel, Velvet, went live for purchase on I’m equal parts excited, scared, nervous, elated, relieved. Anyone who’s ever written a book knows this feeling, this mixed bag of emotions.

I just never knew it would feel so frightening to release a three-year project out into the world.

This is a story of love, loss and redemption wrapped up in a mix of magical realism and romance, all set in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia. This book was written for anyone over 40 who has ever lived through a divorce and thought they would never find love again.

No matter how old you may be, it is possible to find true love. (And…a little hocus-pocus never hurt a soul.)

You may click here to purchase and read Velvet by Echo LaVeaux

Please enter the magical world of Velvet… (more…)

A first-time novelist’s conundrum

Well, I’m happy to publicly announce that my novel, “Velvet,” is completed and ready for publication.

The problem lies in this one question. What on earth am I to do next? (more…)

My novel is finally completed

So, why am I dragging my feet on trying to find a publisher?

I have some suspicions that the reason I’m not moving forward on “Velvet” is quite simple. It’s due to the fact that I have to write a synopsis and an outline.

How on earth am I going to condense this novel into a two-page synopsis?

I’ve scoured the web and referred to my many writing books. I see tips and samples, but the images seem to blur when I consider my work. I look at my novel and see a huge pile of white paper with black letters acting out like misbehaving children and taunting me.

“Nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, NAH!”

Maybe walking away from it will make it easier to approach in a week or so. I am exhausted at the amount of time and effort it took to edit the daylights out of it. Four complete edits. Yikes. The thought of doing any more work on it right now makes me cringe.

Oh, the joys of laboring for two years on a novel, only to find yourself stuck and staring in the face of a submission package…

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