election day

Vote. Just go out and do it. You still have time.

Here in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States of America, it is just a little past 1:00pm. That means there are several hours left to vote. If you haven’t done it yet, please get out and vote. This post is not a recommendation for or against any one candidate or either party. It’s a recommendation to use your privilege to cast a vote for the persons you feel would best represent you. Don’t let anyone stop you from exercising your privilege.

Get out and vote.  If you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice.  We need everyone’s voice in the mix.

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Pick a side and defend it…and don’t be afraid!

when does “middle of the road”

become “run for your life?”

standing still between

traffic flowing, left and right

can get you killed

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

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A Poem for Pre-Election Day Pondering…

the idiots make themselves seem

more reasonable than they are

their dumbed-down dialogue

becomes national rhetoric

we know we are in trouble

when we let others

do our thinking

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

This is as political a post as you will ever see on this blog

Election Day is about a month away.  Let the stupidity begin, and while you’re at it, vote for whoever you want to win the election.  No matter how silly.

Use the power of the write-in and get creative, especially if the choices presented to you are themselves silly.

It’s tiring to choose among the least-desirable…so why not liven it up a bit?

Mike Nesmith for Mayor!  Paul McCartney for the Senate!  Robert Plant for Sheriff!

Who do you choose?  Exercise the freedom to vote for anyone, because anyone can do a better job than most of the current elected officials.


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