A Stormy Mind

Try as I may to stay focused and upbeat, there are some days where my mind is a swirling tempest of emotion. Most days are OK. I’m happy, content, have no worries or concerns.

But there are days like today when I feel that I could collapse into a puddle. (more…)

Life Within That In-Between Place

Most times I feel happy, joyful, elated…glad to be alive.

Other times I feel like…why am I here? What’s the point?

Today I’m in-between those extremes. Nothing bad has happened. No one has said anything hurtful. I have my health and all of my needs are met. Yet still, there is that in-between place where no word exists to express the emotion.

That said, is there an emotion to describe the state of in-betweenness? (more…)

Earth and fire by birth, water and air by breath

Astrology is not my strong subject.  I know a little and when I need to know more than the little I do know I use books and websites to figure out for me.  But still.   (more…)