A Socratic “Oath” for Every Day

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When dreaming of snakes

With all of the great sleep I’ve been getting these past few months, I’ve had multiple dreams of snakes.

Snakes in the house. Snakes in the yard. Snakes everywhere.

While I’m not one to be afraid of snakes, the thought of sneaking up on one unawares gives me the heebie-jeebies. (more…)

Thursday, o how I’ve loved and loathed thee

I have loved and loathed Thursdays for as long as I can remember.

Thursday is the almost-there day, the day before the official start of the weekend.  It’s the anticipation day.  The frustrating why-can’t-it-be-Friday kind of day.

It’s also a wonderful day, a day closer to some much-needed time off for everyone.  A day of expansion, as Jupiter rules Thursday and imbues the day with the energies of extra luck and prosperity.  All we need to do is reach out and grasp it.

Years ago when I worked in retail, it seemed that Thursday brought all of the rudest, most frustratingly abrasive customers out to shop.   (more…)