full moon

Super Moon, November 14, 2016

Mr. LaVeaux and I went outside last night to find the Moon as she was rising from the pine trees behind the house. This photo was taken from my driveway. Please enjoy this photo of the Moon. I snapped this photo with the intention of sharing it with the world and was very pleased at the result. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Photo credit: Echo LaVeaux


The Moon and Me

Sitting on a razor’s edge, she fills the night sky

With her gentle light, soft rays of moonbeams

Touching my skin, lulling me to slumber.

The sea beneath reflects her image

Rippling light upon waves of salt.

Watching, waiting, she rises high

And peeks into my window,

Her breath an icy kiss on my fevered cheek.

Photo credit: myfortlauderdalebeach.com

The Full Pink Moon of April

April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon. It’s said that this moon was named due to the early flowers of spring, when the earth begins to waken and plants come out of their winter slumber. Look around…do you see evidence of this in your part of the world?

This 2016 April Pink Moon arrives nestled within the sharp and piercing constellation of Scorpio, the watery scorpion. Allow the intensity and the transformative power of Scorpio to mesh with this full moon energy when setting your full moon intentions. (more…)

Blue Moon – July 31

To those who live by Luna, here’s a chance to take advantage of another July full moon. Don’t miss it!

Photo found on Facebook.

The Cold St. Nicholas Full Moon – December 2014

The holiday season is here in full force, and Saturday, December 6 is St. Nicholas Day. What a wonderful day to have a full moon!  (more…)

November 2014 Full Moon

This month’s full moon happens on a Thursday, and for magick-makers the world over this is a brilliant thing.  Thursday is sacred to the god Jupiter, and Jupiter is all about expansion and prosperity.   (more…)

Sleep still eludes me

Oh, the life of a writer…the life of any type of creative person, actually.

When I began this blogging journey nearly a month ago, I had just finished the second draft of a book I’d been writing for a year and a half.  I felt the need to let it sit and pursue a different type of creative expression.  Hence this blog.

Now that I’ve begun my erotica-writing experiment, other ideas for writing projects have been popping into my consciousness.   (more…)

A little full moon magick for you

Tonight I prepared an altar for the rising of the Aries full moon. On it I placed a handful of orange and red stones, a stick of incense, and a candle. The candle had been engraved and sigil charged last week. Tonight I anointed it with cinnamon essential oil. Everything was chosen to represent the planet Mars, the sign of Aries, and the element of fire.

I set my intentions as I lit the candle, then sent out an intention that whoever reads this post will gain goodness from the magick I have prepared.

May the energy of my humble full moon altar bring success, prosperity and all good things to everyone. Happy eve of the lunar eclipse. May sleep fill you with magnificent dreams where you attain your every wish, and may your sky be clear in the wee hours tomorrow morning when the moon puts on her red party dress.


Photo by Echo LaVeaux

A fiery moon

Tomorrow is officially the full moon, but today is the day I have decided to use the nearly-full moon energy and light a red candle, casting my moon intentions out into the universe.

As Tuesday is sacred to Mars, and Mars is the planet associated with Aries, (more…)

Creeping toward an October blood moon

Here it is, the Monday before a Wednesday full moon.  There has been a lot of positive, electric energy swirling around me the past few days.  I can tell that the moon is nearly full just by the way I feel.  Just by the expansive feelings that fill (more…)