Vintage Gothic, the blog

My good friend Shari has published a new blog called Vintage Gothic. It’s a beautiful place to learn about the Gothic lifestyle.

If you are like me, an Elder Goth, you will be thrilled with this blog. If you are interested in life from a Gothic perspective, then Vintage Gothic is the place for you.

Enjoy shopping? Well then, check out the Vintage Gothic Shoppe while you’re there. On this page you will find a great selection of tarot card decks, books, spirit boards, jewelry, statuary…so much yummy Goth goodness in one spot!

Shari does tarot card readings and I must say, she’s spot on. I just purchased my first ever tarot reading and Shari nailed it for me. Thanks to her, I have the guidance I need in relation to my writing career. Right now, she’s running a $5 reading special but you’d better hurry! The price goes up on June 1, 2016.

Please stop by and give the blog a look. I think you’ll be enchanted…and that is an excellent thing indeed. Vintage Gothic

Rudy Simone – I Saved Your Space

I just stumbled upon this artist and felt the need to share her talent here on my blog. If you like what you hear, visit her website.

It’s not often that I’m blown away by an artist. Since I’ve discovered Rudy, I can honestly say that my mind and spirit are totally blown.

A morbid fascination since my youth

It all started with this album my father bought when I was but a wee child.

There it is.  The crash of the Hindenburg, the tragic event that coined the phrase “oh, the humanity!”  Yes, that one.

I can remember looking at this album cover as a child and imagining what it must be like to see something like this happen.  I was captivated by an exploding airship.  How many people were on board?  How many died?

The foundations for a life of gothic and morbid imaginings started because of Led Zeppelin and their iconic album cover.

Thanks guys.

If you haven’t ever seen the actual footage of the crash, I present to you the final flight of the Hindenburg.

On being Gothic

As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to dark things.  Dark things are not evil things.  Dark things are deep things, and deep things intrigue me more than those fluffy little things that float lazily on the mainstream.  Mainstream, to me, equals mediocrity.  Mediocre things are death to my spirit.

Darkness inspires me, and I take refuge in all things dark.  At the risk of being labeled, (more…)