It’s been two months since I started this blogging adventure…

Two months ago last night, I sat down with my WordPress account and decided to make something of it.

A year prior, back in September of 2013, I created this blog with the express intent of carving out an outpost in cyberspace. Just a place to express my feelings and thoughts and share ideas with others.

A full year passed before I did anything with this account. I was writing my first novel and all of my attention was understandably on that project. Once I had completed the second draft of “Velvet,” I decided it was time to try something different.

When I logged into WordPress two months ago, my poor little barren blog stared at me and asked “why, Echo…why have you forsaken me?” (more…)

It’s such a small, small world in which we live

It seems that nearly every single day I see or read something that makes me realize just how tiny a planet our earth really is.

With the advent of high technology, we find ourselves these days connecting with people all over the world in ways we never dreamed possible once upon a time.

Take this blog, for instance. (more…)