500 followers! Thank you all!

When I started this blog in September of 2014, I intended this webpage to be a place where I could share ideas, stories, and impressions with the world at large. Just a tiny place where I could express myself. When the first person chose to follow me, it was the most amazing feeling.

There is one person on this big, big world who likes what I am doing.

That one person made me feel that I had something to say that others would like to hear.

This weekend, I was surprised to discover that there are now over 500 of you wonderful people following my blog.  I am honored and quite humbled. Thank you so much for coming along with me on my journey.

Let’s see where life leads us next. So very glad that you are here.

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Awaken Your Gratitude

These words by Dr. John Demartini are powerful words. It only takes a moment of gratitude to set your path straight. Give thanks for everything in your life and chart your course toward making your life even better than it already is.

Dream big and be thankful.

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My wish for all is that all human beings on earth can experience this kind of love at least once in their lives.

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What the cold weather is teaching me

Here in the Southeast we are about to get blasted with Arctic air. From what I’ve seen on news reports, most of the United States is about to get very, very cold.

Since winter weather is upon us, these few things have popped into my mind.

Here is what the cold weather is teaching me:


It’s been two months since I started this blogging adventure…

Two months ago last night, I sat down with my WordPress account and decided to make something of it.

A year prior, back in September of 2013, I created this blog with the express intent of carving out an outpost in cyberspace. Just a place to express my feelings and thoughts and share ideas with others.

A full year passed before I did anything with this account. I was writing my first novel and all of my attention was understandably on that project. Once I had completed the second draft of “Velvet,” I decided it was time to try something different.

When I logged into WordPress two months ago, my poor little barren blog stared at me and asked “why, Echo…why have you forsaken me?” (more…)