Life got you down? Time to shake it up!

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Life. It is good.

Yes, it is. Every day above ground is a good day. Thus, life IS good. Look for the good in each moment and you may be surprised at how much goodness exists in the world.

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Life is Short, So Do What Makes You Smile

As I’ve grown older, I see the value in finding joy and happiness in life every single day.

Life is short. Do what makes you smile.

What have you been putting off in your life, waiting for “the right time?” Today is the right time to pursue an idea, dream, skill, education…you name it. What is that wished-for wish, that long-unfulfilled achievement?

Is there a valid reason why you can’t start today? Even one little step today toward the direction of your dream is one little step closer to making it a reality.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Do more. Do often!

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The Full Pink Moon of April

April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon. It’s said that this moon was named due to the early flowers of spring, when the earth begins to waken and plants come out of their winter slumber. Look around…do you see evidence of this in your part of the world?

This 2016 April Pink Moon arrives nestled within the sharp and piercing constellation of Scorpio, the watery scorpion. Allow the intensity and the transformative power of Scorpio to mesh with this full moon energy when setting your full moon intentions. (more…)

Whatever you do…

…don’t ever forget to enjoy your life!

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Yes, I do. Do you, too?

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Choose Happiness

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A recipe for happiness

Trust me, this works.

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Come alive, be alive, stay alive

Wise words here. Heed them and live well.

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Happiness as defined by the Dalai Lama

There is nothing quite as powerful as the truth, especially when it’s offered by a man of truth.

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