We Are All Connected

Beatnik wisdom from Jack Kerouac

We are ONE…a HOLY one.


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Pssst…I am a good person with good morals, but I don’t do religion

Sometimes it’s so hard to live here in the South.  First of all, growing up here you are constantly reminded of the history.  There are the folks who are proud of their Confederate heritage as well as those who despise anything to do with the Civil War.  There are subtle reminders of slavery and segregation, two very dark and permanent stains on the history of the South.  It seems that all these years later, the battle is still being waged on an invisible level.  It’s hard to explain to those who are not from this region, but ask any Southerner what they think of it and I bet they’d be hard-pressed to disagree.

Other than the unfortunate history, there is one other big, overarching thing that has its grip on this area of the country.

Christianity. (more…)