Watching Good Things Unfold

Have you ever been at a point in your life where something truly wonderful happens to you, totally unexpected, and shortly thereafter things seem to start falling fast into place…moving you in a new and unexpected direction? (more…)

The Full Pink Moon of April

April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon. It’s said that this moon was named due to the early flowers of spring, when the earth begins to waken and plants come out of their winter slumber. Look around…do you see evidence of this in your part of the world?

This 2016 April Pink Moon arrives nestled within the sharp and piercing constellation of Scorpio, the watery scorpion. Allow the intensity and the transformative power of Scorpio to mesh with this full moon energy when setting your full moon intentions. (more…)

The Magic of Intent

A lot can be said about intentions. We make them, we have good ones, and we hope that the intentions of others aren’t bad or negative. We talk about doing this, wanting that, hoping for an outcome that will be to our benefit. We may even write down some goals and hope that they will somehow come true.

Have we ever stopped to think about just what an intention is? About how to intend?

Better yet, have we ever stopped to realize that there is magic in intention?

You are the power

Look deep within and see the truth.

Your thoughts are things, and the things you think become your reality.

Think for yourself and watch your life unfold in the direction of your thinking.

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Halloween is in the air

It’s the week of Samhain, the witches new year, and I sit here contemplating it and what it means to me.

Halloween.  All Hallows Eve.  This is the time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.  Because of this, communicating with the dead is much easier on Samhain.  The spirits are roaming around us all the time, but on October 31 they seem able to reach us a bit better than on other nights of the year.  Make an effort to speak to them this week.  Be prepared for a response. (more…)

A little full moon magick for you

Tonight I prepared an altar for the rising of the Aries full moon. On it I placed a handful of orange and red stones, a stick of incense, and a candle. The candle had been engraved and sigil charged last week. Tonight I anointed it with cinnamon essential oil. Everything was chosen to represent the planet Mars, the sign of Aries, and the element of fire.

I set my intentions as I lit the candle, then sent out an intention that whoever reads this post will gain goodness from the magick I have prepared.

May the energy of my humble full moon altar bring success, prosperity and all good things to everyone. Happy eve of the lunar eclipse. May sleep fill you with magnificent dreams where you attain your every wish, and may your sky be clear in the wee hours tomorrow morning when the moon puts on her red party dress.


Photo by Echo LaVeaux

A fiery moon

Tomorrow is officially the full moon, but today is the day I have decided to use the nearly-full moon energy and light a red candle, casting my moon intentions out into the universe.

As Tuesday is sacred to Mars, and Mars is the planet associated with Aries, (more…)

Setting an Intention – The Magic of Intending

You’ve probably heard oodles of things about the Law of Attraction.  The idea of creating something out of nothing feels exciting and makes the heart pump a little faster.  But the reality is that unless you put forth some effort to achieve whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life, you will be sitting there forever, waiting and wondering why your wish hasn’t come true.

We want to manifest things in our lives, and it is very possible to make things happen in our favor.  It’s more the act of setting an intention to achieve something than it is the act of simply wishing for something to happen. (more…)