Lady Luna

Make 2015 your year of the moon

Full moons, new moons, blue moons, and blood moons. It seems that the moon is a hot topic of late. Everyone is following it, talking about it, and looking for it in the night sky. More and more, people are beginning to understand astrology and the body’s natural relationship with the ebb, flow, and pull of the moon.

When was the last time you considered the moon? (more…)

November 2014 Full Moon

This month’s full moon happens on a Thursday, and for magick-makers the world over this is a brilliant thing.  Thursday is sacred to the god Jupiter, and Jupiter is all about expansion and prosperity.   (more…)

Creeping toward an October blood moon

Here it is, the Monday before a Wednesday full moon.  There has been a lot of positive, electric energy swirling around me the past few days.  I can tell that the moon is nearly full just by the way I feel.  Just by the expansive feelings that fill (more…)