Led Zeppelin

That Time When a Rock Star Inspired the Creation of a Character

It was one of those moments I will never forget.

Mr. LaVeaux and I were watching Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” for the first time in December of 2012.

Holy crap, this band.


I’d grown up listening to this music but I’d never really seen the band perform before…not until we put the “Celebration Day” DVD on to play.

At this point in time, I’d been working on my first novel and needed a love interest for the book’s protagonist.

Cue Jimmy Page.

What better choice than an elegant, older man with style and English swagger to woo my heroine on the haunted, historic streets of Savannah, Georgia?

Thank you, Jimmy Page. You inspired the character Nigel Blackmore in my novel, Velvet, and all these years later I still think you are amazing.

The point of this short post? Never overlook anything in life. Most anything can be an inspiration for you. Whether you are a writer, artist, poet, chef, sculptor, dancer, musician…keep your eyes and ears open.

You just never know.

Photo credit: jimmypage.co.uk

Whole Lotta Helter Skelter

Purists will hate this, but I think it’s quite inventive and mesmerizing. Two of my favorite bands of all time mashed up together in a hot, sticky mess. Yes, thank you.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Let these musical wizards work their magic on your ears and your spirit.

Radio.com Minimation: Robert Plant Recalls How ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Was Written

A morbid fascination since my youth

It all started with this album my father bought when I was but a wee child.

There it is.  The crash of the Hindenburg, the tragic event that coined the phrase “oh, the humanity!”  Yes, that one.

I can remember looking at this album cover as a child and imagining what it must be like to see something like this happen.  I was captivated by an exploding airship.  How many people were on board?  How many died?

The foundations for a life of gothic and morbid imaginings started because of Led Zeppelin and their iconic album cover.

Thanks guys.

If you haven’t ever seen the actual footage of the crash, I present to you the final flight of the Hindenburg.

A new book I must get, and soon…

The legendary guitarist Jimmy Page modeling his new autobiography.

Must get the book.

Must meet the man behind the book.

Ever Fallen Under a Spell?

Do you know the feeling?  You are watching something, reading something, listening to something, then BOOM!  There it is.  You find yourself totally consumed by it.  Well, it’s almost two years now since I first sat down with the hubby to watch Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” concert video.  Oh.  My.  God.  I will never forget the way that concert struck me at first viewing, and how I found myself entranced by the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page.

It was silly, really.  I mean, come on.  I’m not a teenager anymore (thank God) and he isn’t a spring chicken himself.  But damn, he stood out like the proverbial sore thumb.