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The new book is finished and will soon be published!

Earlier today I completed the second draft of Echo LaVeaux’s Book of the Moon. The book is due a third reread and edit. My hope is that it will be up on Kindle by the end of the week and no later than Halloween day.

The book is slim but filled with poetry, reflections, meditations, and ideas for intention setting during each phase of the Moon. It was created as a way to share my impressions of the Moon during the course of her lifecycle. My hope is that it touches you and inspires you to grow closer to our cosmic sister.

Velvet is still available for FREE on KindleUnlimited. Please grab a copy and – if you have already read the book – please leave your impressions on it by writing a review. If you do, I would be most grateful.

Thank you for supporting me in my writing endeavors.

Peace and all good things from my heart to yours.


FREE for KindleUnlimited

If you haven’t yet read “Velvet” but are interested in doing so, you may read it for FREE if you are an Amazon KindleUnlimited user.

Go here to grab your copy today: Velvet by Echo LaVeaux

If you have read the book, please consider leaving a review at Amazon. Good or bad, I’d like to hear your thoughts!


Another Velvet Giveaway!

Enter to win a FREE signed copy of Velvet in paperback! This Goodreads contest runs from July 12 through August 12, so enter today. I hope you win!

And while you’re at it, go to my book page at Amazon and download a FREE copy of Velvet for your Kindle or other device! This freebie will run through Friday, July 15.

To everyone who has downloaded the book, I thank you for giving me a chance with my writing. It’s my wish that you enjoy reading Velvet.

I love giving presents away…I hope you love receiving gifts.

Happy reading!

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Velvet: a fourth review on Amazon

What an amazing feeling, to know that the words you write and the tales you spin can make so many people happy.

Please see the latest review for Velvet:

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 3.47.57 PM.png

My readers mean so much to me. Thank you so very much Ms. Monaghan for taking time out of your days to read and review my book. I’m humbled and grateful for your kindness!

Velvet: The Echoing X

Please enjoy a short snippet from my new novel, Velvet:

“Where are we going?”

“Oh, just a little further I think,” Nigel said. “There’s something I want to show you.”

We came upon a circle within a square, bordered by four curved planter boxes filled with foliage. In the middle of the circle was another square, and in the middle of that square was an X.

This place was magical. The energy inside the circle was intense.

Nigel walked to the square and stood upon it, facing the river. I walked toward him. He reached out and settled me in front of him.

We stood toe to toe, taking up the space within that square, two peas in a pod atop a giant X.

Nigel cleared his throat, and when he did I heard the sound amplified in a short echo, his throat being cleared twice in succession. I looked all around and back up at him. 

Photo taken by Echo LaVeaux at the Echoing X on River Street in Savannah, Georgia.

Meet Me This Friday at The Book Tavern!

Yes, this is it…MY FIRST BOOK SIGNING!

If you are in the Augusta, Georgia area this Friday, July 1 from 6-8pm, please stop by the Book Tavern at 936 Broad Street to say hello and pick up a signed copy of Velvet!

Hope to see you there!

Photo from The Book Tavern’s official event announcement.

Velvet: An Excerpt From Chapter One

From the new novel Velvet:

“The stockroom’s fluorescent bulbs burned dim in varying shades of green, casting an eerie glow in the cavernous room. Shipping boxes full of new goodies sat on the desk next to my computer.

It was always fun to see what Electra ordered for the shop. It was extra fun to be the first one to handle the new merchandise.

A little box grabbed my attention. I reached for it and set it on the counter away from the others. It was a heavy little thing. I grabbed a box cutter and sliced the tape open with a hiss. In moments my hands were full of gemstones. There were loads of them. No wonder the little box weighed so much.

I pulled the crystals out and checked them against the manifest. We had run out of rose quartz hearts last week so Electra ordered several dozen. Here they were.

There were big pink hearts to be worn as a pendant, medium sized pink hearts to put in a pocket, and best of all there were the little pink hearts with tiny red velvet bags in which to carry them.

I put the box on a shelf next to a tray of tourmaline chunks.

There must be love in the air, I thought. Why the run on romance stones?

It was then I remembered that Halloween was one day away. Witchy people know Halloween as a powerful day for making magick, and witchy people are our best customers.”

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My First Book Signing!

If you are in the Augusta, Georgia area on Friday, July 1 from 6-8pm, please stop by the Book Tavern at 936 Broad Street to say hello and pick up a signed copy of Velvet!

Hope to see you there!

Photo from The Book Tavern’s official event announcement.

Velvet – now available at The Book Tavern!

Exciting news! Paperback copies of my new novel – Velvet – are now available for purchase at The Book Tavern located inside the White’s Building in beautiful downtown Augusta, Georgia!

Thank you to owner David Hutchison for believing in my work and offering it for sale at his store.

If you live in the area and love to read, The Book Tavern is the place to go. David stocks new and used books and curates a most amazing selection of titles unavailable at the big box bookstores.

Support local artists and writers, and while you’re at it, support local businesses!

(P.S. Keep your eyes open…I will be signing copies of my book at The Book Tavern very soon. More to come as details are finalized!)

Please enjoy a snippet from Chapter Four of Velvet here:

Mercedes and I had a standing coffee date every weekday morning at 8:30. After last night it was fair to say I was more than a little apprehensive about approaching her. That fear subsided when I entered the shop. She seemed to be her normal, happy self this morning.

We took a table in the center of the room, our coffee piping hot and the icing on our orange scones dripping onto the paper plates before us.

The bookstore didn’t open for another half hour. I sipped my coffee while Mercedes looked at the headlines in the morning paper.

“So, amiga, have you given thought to the stuff that Mark sent you?”

“Mark? No. I threw away everything he sent and I have no interest in thinking about him anymore. He needs to find someone better suited to him and his needs. We were a mismatched pair from the start.”

“But you loved him at one time,” Mercedes said. She took a sip of coffee and looked radiant in her orange dress.

“Maybe I did at one time, but no. There’s no hope of me ever going back to him.”

“Do you miss him? At all?”

“I miss having someone in my life, if that’s what you’re getting at. Do I miss Mark? I’d rather be alone here, thank you very much.”

Mercedes put her paper down and studied me for a moment.

“If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you’re sitting there, wishing things could have been different. Hoping for a chance to make them right again. Did he ever make you feel loved?”

I considered her question.

“No. Well, yes, but only on those times he needed some physical relief. Other than that, I was a whipping post.”

“Oh, Velvet. I just can’t believe it.”

And with that, the conversation ended. Mercedes picked up her paper and it became a wall between us. This gave me a moment to think.

Did I still care for Mark? Would I ever go back to him?

I knew I didn’t and never would. The most important realization to me right then was that I hated living alone. It was about time I admitted it to myself.

Mercedes turned the page on her paper and I read the back of it. It’s a bad habit of mine, reading other people’s stuff. Mercedes looked up over the edge of the newsprint and laughed.

“You’re doing it again, you know.”


A strong feeling came over me. Someone was looking at me. I looked around the coffee shop. Several of the regulars were in, all busy with their faces in their phones or their own copies of the paper.

Steven, my former admirer, was tucked into a far corner with Catarina. She glowed with joy and when she caught me looking her way she gave me a coy thumbs-up. I returned the gesture.

My eyes continued to scan the shop until they landed on a target. Sitting by the window was someone new, someone I’d never seen before today. He sat tucked into the corner and oblivious to everyone else in the room.

I lost interest in my friend’s paper.

Here was a man sitting regal with one leg tucked under him, wearing a black leather jacket and holding a copy of the paper. I shook my head and looked back at Mercedes. She was engrossed in a story.

I snuck a quick glance back his way and caught him taking a sip. The way his lips pursed against the ceramic mug stirred something within me. The way he closed his eyes. His swallows took my breath with each swig he drank. I loved the way his grey hair fell into his eyes.

Grey hair.

Mercedes put down her paper.

“What’s up chica? What’s wrong with you? You look like you’ve seen one of your spirits.”

I turned back to face her and brushed my cheek with my fingers.

“I may have. Who is that?”

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Velvet – An Excerpt from Chapter Two

Please enjoy this short excerpt from the novel Velvet, available here from Amazon.

Mercedes sat at a table close to the entrance so I walked over and took the seat next to her. Dee saw me as soon as I entered the restaurant and ran over to meet me.

“Holy one, so glad to see you.” He bowed then grabbed me into a hug. His dreadlocks were now just about to his waist. The beads around his neck looked like they weighed several pounds.

“Hi, Dee.” I laughed out loud at that. Holy one, indeed.

He held me a moment too long, and then a moment more. (more…)