The Proof is In.

The proof for the print copy of my new book, Echo LaVeaux’s Book of the Moon, arrived in today’s mail. It turned out a lot nicer than I thought it would.

Once I proofread this copy, I’ll have it set to publish by Monday. My goal was to have this available on or by Halloween. Grateful to think I may be able to accomplish this by that day.

As the moon is entering her Dark phase, may you find solace in the deep night and joy in  Samhain celebrations.

Thank you for your support of my work.

Faun – Andro

Wow, what a powerful song to get the day going. Let the rhythm of the drums ground you and the passion of the pipes send your spirit soaring.

The Earth is Our Mother – Libana

A beautiful chant to learn and sing…today and every day.

Ladytron – Mirage

This video has such a great pagan look and the song has such a great 80’s sound about it that I had to share.  It’s a song that’s just right for my weary old ears on a cold autumn afternoon.  Hope you like it, too.

Bedtime prayer to the moon

I was cleaning out some papers this morning when I ran across a little prayer I’d written awhile back.  Just wanted to share it with the world. (more…)