In time, it will be

Don’t be discouraged if what you want doesn’t come to you right away.

When the time is right, it will appear.

Find the strength within yourself to wait for the outcome.

What will be, will be.

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It’s your choice. Which do you need?

Allow yourself to accept that which you need.

The universe will provide.

Be open to receive.

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A sweet tea revelation: patience, my dear child

Southerners are serious about their sweet tea.

To some, it’s a religion.  And as such, each person has their own special way of concocting the perfect pitcher.

Just this afternoon, I was in the kitchen preparing myself a fresh batch of the brew.  While I was stirring the hot liquid into a pitcher full of ice cubes, I recalled the moment I discovered that patience is a very important aspect of tea making.  It was a realization that hit me square between the eyes. (more…)