It’s still a planet to me

This is the very first photo of the former planet, Pluto.

I looked up the distance from Earth to Pluto and must admit, I’m actually a bit speechless. (more…)


Oh, how beautiful is the planet Neptune.

When I think about Neptune, my thoughts flow toward the oceans of Earth. The deep, serene blue of a deep, dark ocean teeming with life. (more…)

It’s such a small, small world in which we live

It seems that nearly every single day I see or read something that makes me realize just how tiny a planet our earth really is.

With the advent of high technology, we find ourselves these days connecting with people all over the world in ways we never dreamed possible once upon a time.

Take this blog, for instance. (more…)

Our beautiful mother

Look at how she holds us, protects us, and gives us life.

Look at how beautiful she is, floating in the vast expanse of space.

Look and see how fragile she is

Look and see how significant we are, to be able to see this image and realize just who and what we are.

Earthlings.  Gaia’s children.

Remember this always.

Live lightly and love large.


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