rainstorm – a poem

torrents tear madly

ripping seams in the sky

inky clouds disintegrate

yielding lifeblood trails

to earth in transfusion

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: clouds365.com

reflections on the midnight moon – a poem

pewter crescent

she sits high

lonely in the universe, surrounding

her big sister

atmospheric blankets drawn

around the earth

the moon shines

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: janotec.typepad.com

urban nightlife – a poem

searing piano chords float

lazy through the city

nighttime lights dance across

shimmering rain-wet streets

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo by Mark Fisher as found on Facebook.com

oceanside daydream – a poem

alone on the beach i sit, counting

the grains of sand on my toes

as quietly i am called… (more…)

chasm – a poem

the void opens and swallows

tearing apart dreams and visions

devouring the just

and the not so

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: vk.com

desert west – a poem

bittersweet sagebrush

tumbleweeds cry in faded light

lonely coyote sings ballads

sleepy sun shines orange, tired

crackling campfire sends smoke signals

to indian chiefs long forgotten

away from their mourning lands

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: nativeplantwildlifegarden.com

his eyes – a poem

his eyes speak mysteries


and beyond explanation

as time reveals the secrets

of a forbidden past

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: flickr.com

then he kissed her – a poem

then he kissed her

a deep, searing kiss

drawing out her very

soul, bonding her

to his heart

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: matchmehappy.co.uk

angel breath – a poem

beautiful, incomprehensible

whispers melt the icy dew

on winter nighttime pasture

harvest of pin-dot stars

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: gopixpic.com

infinity – a poem

the purpling atmosphere

captures moonbeams

as stars begin

their long journey

through infinity in our finiteness

we meditate at once

on the awe of the sky

© 2014 Echo LaVeaux

Photo credit: criticl.me