Too Much Anger

Lately, I have noticed that there is way too much anger in the world. It seems that people are fed up with everything right now. The sad part of this is how people are taking their anger out on others…especially those who have done nothing to warrant receiving it.

It’s a volatile time right now, politically and racially and any other -ally you can think of. Too much is going on that is causing people to erupt. Yes, the world is messed up. There is no doubt about it. The key right now is to not allow ourselves to get sucked into the madness.

I suggest we all take a deep breath and stop for a moment. Consider the world. Consider the situations we find ourselves in. At the core, all of us are trying to survive and move forward in this life.

Let’s try to remember this. Also, let’s try to spread a little love. One kind word or deed can go a long way toward making a positive difference in another’s life.

Photo credit: theodysseyonline.com