rebirth of the earth

What azaleas have taught me

Azaleas are flowering bushes that come alive with brilliant color in early springtime here in the South. It’s a joy to see them emerge each year into the fullness of their glorious beauty. Harbingers of the growing season, azaleas awaken the garden with their bright and sunny blossoms.

They are a dream in spring, but a dream that is short lived.

The sad part of having azaleas is watching those bright and colorful blossoms fade and die away at the end of their super short lives.

This said, what exactly can azaleas teach us? (more…)

The Wheel Keeps Turning

It’s been awhile since I have been able to take some time to blog, and I’ve missed sharing thoughts and ideas with you. I hope your year is going great so far. Mine has been flying and it’s been a happy and productive one as well. The wheel of the year keeps turning, and as I grow older it seems that big wheel moves a bit faster with each passing year. (more…)