Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Let these musical wizards work their magic on your ears and your spirit. Minimation: Robert Plant Recalls How ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Was Written

This is as political a post as you will ever see on this blog

Election Day is about a month away.  Let the stupidity begin, and while you’re at it, vote for whoever you want to win the election.  No matter how silly.

Use the power of the write-in and get creative, especially if the choices presented to you are themselves silly.

It’s tiring to choose among the least-desirable…so why not liven it up a bit?

Mike Nesmith for Mayor!  Paul McCartney for the Senate!  Robert Plant for Sheriff!

Who do you choose?  Exercise the freedom to vote for anyone, because anyone can do a better job than most of the current elected officials.


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Today I bought a CD…and yes, it was a pretty big deal

Remember those things?  The little silvery disks that used to come in plastic cases and had a little booklet full of colorful images to look at while you listened to the music?

Yep, today I bought one of those.


Oh Robert Plant, you had to go and make me smile!

The sheer beauty of THIS!  Oh how I needed a touch of whimsy today.

If you feel blue and need a boost, let Mr. Plant work his magic all over you with this song & video.

Listen, watch, and come alive.  ❤

I like that Robert Plant likes what I like

“I like the idea of being alone.  I like the idea of often being alone in all aspects of my life.  I like to feel lonely.  I like to need things.” ~ Robert Plant