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Black Moon Rising

Dateline – Friday, September 30, 2016: Black Moon Rising 

We are about to experience a very rare lunar phenomenon…a Black Moon. Simply stated, the Black Moon is a second New Moon in a calendar month. Just like the Blue Moon, a second Full Moon in a month, the Black Moon comes to us as an extra day of oomph.

Everyone has their own interpretation of the Moon phases and how to use them in their personal lives. As this is the first Black Moon we’ve had in awhile, I am choosing to use the energy of this Moon in a special way.

On Friday evening, after the Sun has set, I plan to go outside and sit under the dark sky. My goal for the Black Moon is to set some intentions and use the power of the second September New Moon to help manifest the dreams I would like to see come to pass.

My intention setting rituals are very basic. Some tools I plan to use in my meditation are as follows: (more…)

Watching Good Things Unfold

Have you ever been at a point in your life where something truly wonderful happens to you, totally unexpected, and shortly thereafter things seem to start falling fast into place…moving you in a new and unexpected direction? (more…)

New Moon in Taurus

Today is the new moon in earthy Taurus.

Set your intentions now for new adventures, new beginnings, new everything.

Watch yourself inch closer to your goal as you watch the moon grow to fullness over the next two weeks.

Happy cosmic-place-of-new-beginnings!

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Nothing is impossible

If you believe in an idea and believe in the ability to make something happen, then nothing at all is impossible.

That said, begin 2015 with an idea.

Think about what you have longed to achieve.

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Even a small thing is a big thing when it’s accomplished.

Forget about setting resolutions for the new year. Instead, focus on something you have dreamed about, something that you have longed to accomplish but never set out to do. (more…)

Go for it!

No matter what it is, go for it.

Set an intention to achieve whatever it is that sets your soul on fire, then take the steps necessary to reach your goal.

It CAN be done.

Trust yourself to make it happen.

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