This is as political a post as you will ever see on this blog

Election Day is about a month away.  Let the stupidity begin, and while you’re at it, vote for whoever you want to win the election.  No matter how silly.

Use the power of the write-in and get creative, especially if the choices presented to you are themselves silly.

It’s tiring to choose among the least-desirable…so why not liven it up a bit?

Mike Nesmith for Mayor!  Paul McCartney for the Senate!  Robert Plant for Sheriff!

Who do you choose?  Exercise the freedom to vote for anyone, because anyone can do a better job than most of the current elected officials.


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The Mouse, the Cheese and the Trap: A Tale of Three Species

The Trap was set. Placed in a strategic corner of a little-used kitchen it sat quietly, contemplating the moment when the Mouse would arrive. The Cheese was wedged uncomfortably atop the Trap. And the Cheese was not happy.

“Why do you and that Woman insist on using me to lure the Mouse?” asked the Cheese.   “Why are you in particular so greedy for blood in this house?”

The Trap was silent for several seconds then made a tiny shrug, bouncing the Cheese a little bit off its wooden platform perch. “I dunno. Maybe it’s because I was made to kill, for you know how I love the thrill. I love to lure an unsuspecting rodent to my deathly grip. It gets the sap running fast through my grainy pip.” (more…)

Signs that make me laugh, part one

It’s kind of obvious what this sign is trying to convey. However, am I weird for thinking it looks like a man being chased down the stairs by a ghost or a flaming UFO?