think good things

The Magic of Thought

In the past I have shared ideas and insights about the power of thinking and how you can think yourself into a situation of your choosing.

Barring any outside influences that are a true hinder to your realizing a dream, everything that you need to succeed in any area of your life resides deep within yourself.

It all starts with a thought. (more…)

Live Your Bliss

Several years ago, Mr. LaVeaux and I were shopping at Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina. My eye fell upon a book by Terry Cole-Whittaker called “Live Your Bliss.” I bought it, put it on my bookshelf and promptly forgot about it.

During the last few weeks, I have been working on my spiritual life…getting back in touch with certain aspects of my spirituality that have lain dormant for a time. A few nights ago, I walked to my bookshelf to look for something to read. It was then that I saw this book sitting there between a few other unread titles.

I grabbed it and sat down to read. (more…)