Can’t Sleep? Are You Thinking Too Much?

At bedtime, do you ever find yourself thinking too much, so much so that you are unable to find that elusive and much-needed sleep?

You know those nights. You have a problem you’re trying to solve, or an issue you must address, or simply now that the weekend is over you’re having to face yet another workweek.

How do you shut off the mind to get a good night’s sleep?

While I am no expert at this kind of thing, I am one who suffers from occasional insomnia. When sleeplessness hits me, I do something that I learned by accident one night.

I think of something beautiful. (more…)

The Magic of Intent

A lot can be said about intentions. We make them, we have good ones, and we hope that the intentions of others aren’t bad or negative. We talk about doing this, wanting that, hoping for an outcome that will be to our benefit. We may even write down some goals and hope that they will somehow come true.

Have we ever stopped to think about just what an intention is? About how to intend?

Better yet, have we ever stopped to realize that there is magic in intention?

Setting an Intention – The Magic of Intending

You’ve probably heard oodles of things about the Law of Attraction.  The idea of creating something out of nothing feels exciting and makes the heart pump a little faster.  But the reality is that unless you put forth some effort to achieve whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life, you will be sitting there forever, waiting and wondering why your wish hasn’t come true.

We want to manifest things in our lives, and it is very possible to make things happen in our favor.  It’s more the act of setting an intention to achieve something than it is the act of simply wishing for something to happen. (more…)