waning moon

As the moon wanes

The full moon is a wonderful time for completion and fullness of being. It is also the time to experience the absolute magick of a sky charged with lunar energy. The big, bright moon rising after sunset is always a sight to behold. Orange-red at first glance, she rises slowly above the horizon, fading to shades of yellow before revealing her beautiful and silvery face.

Mystics, magicians and witches the world over celebrate her beauty. Much magick and meditation happens on the night of the full moon. There is a lot of crackling energy to be felt, if only we take the time to feel it.

And most of us do. (more…)

The waning gibbous moon

Late at night she climbs high into the sky, shining down into my bedroom window. Her light caresses my sleeping form, stirring my dreams into peaceful slumber. (more…)

Waning Moon House Cleansing Ritual

It’s the time of the waning moon which means it’s the perfect time for a banishing ritual.  I can’t think of a better way to ease into the dark moon time than to cleanse your home of all negative energy. (more…)

Third quarter moon

We are on the cusp of the third quarter moon.

This is a great time to start releasing your grip on those things that no longer serve you. (more…)

And as the moon begins to wane…

I tend to be one of those people who base my life around the phases of the moon.

Over the years I’ve attuned myself to the moon’s energy and have learned to work with it in my life. Now that the full blood moon’s energy is dissipating, I anticipate a major energy clearing in my life as the moon begins to wane.

There is something quite powerful about allowing the moon to guide you in your life. Though subtle, the moon has the power to help you create what you want as well as remove those things that no longer serve you. (more…)