writer’s block

Creative blocks

Sometimes, as a writer, I find myself in a state of flux. One day, the words may flow freely. The next day, I find myself dry as a desert…not one word to put down on paper toward my next two projects.

I feel so stifled on those days. My mind is parched and no amount of wishing can bring the flow I so desperately think I need.

Yes, I did say “think I need.” (more…)

Is your vision cloudy?

Things aren’t moving with your creative endeavor as fast as you would like them to.  Is it because you’re so caught up in the act of wanting something so strongly that you can’t move?  Or are household tasks and work projects keeping you from creative expression?

Take a breath and relax.  All of us at times procrastinate.  I think it’s a natural human tendency.  We want to do what we want to do before we do what we need to do.

As a writer, this happens to me.   (more…)

On being struck with writer’s block

Oh the joy.  Writer’s block.  What a demon you can be to a writer like me!


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